personal musings


They haunt me every single day; in my dreams that turn to nightmares or in simple conversation. At times, terrible incidents arise because of my past that will affect my friends and family. And choices are still made by others due to those past mistakes of mine that affect me currently in a painful way.

Not to complain, for I definitely deserve all of this. I am still ever grateful for the mercy my Saviour has bestowed upon me. I know the consequences could be much worse. I am the happiest I have ever been, and I praise God for it.

But no matter how one may change, how they may clean up their life, no matter their good efforts or works, or the humility they may have caused by every passing unfortunate memory, that person cannot escape the consequences they are dealt for the wicked actions of their past. And rightly so.

The pain I feel is ultimately nothing compared to the pain I have caused.


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