It is so sad that people can become so offended by even the mention of God and Christianity. They find Christians offensive. They find the Bible offensive. They may not become Christians because of this. And yet, do they think that we cannot become offended by God’s word as well?

The Bible can be offensive, I’ll admit it. Same as how, as people say, the truth hurts. Truth is offensive at times. I take that offense and refer to it as conviction. God is showing me that I am guilty of something that needs to be fixed in my life. We are all guilty of something – lying, cheating, dirty thoughts, hateful thoughts, hate in general, lust, etc. But everyone can have different convictions. They are not always the same for us all; Depends on who you are, what you do or don’t do, and how you believe (if you do believe). If you are offended by what God says, maybe what you are offended about simply needs to change. But then again, the idea of having to change is also very offensive to some.

It is so sad to me that people see Christians as squares. As if we have become boxed into a life of strictly things we cannot do, when in reality it opens up a beautiful world of absolute freedom within righteous morals. And yet, we still have free will. God does not force us to do certain things or abstain from anything. However, He does show us how we should live and what we should do.

And for those who find some Christians offensive, I agree with them on that as well, honestly. Certain Christians can sometimes be straight up snobs and jerks. We all make mistakes; hence, we are human. But people will notice it more in us than others because becoming a Christian can be like living in a glass house. We aren’t Earthly gods, angels, or divine in any sense. We commit sins as well.

Just as the average person may not appreciate being stereotyped, Christians should never be judged by the deeds of other Christians.

There is only ONE difference in general between those who are not born-again believers and those who are. And that is, however offensive or convicting it may be, we have accepted the whole truth of God and the finished work of His Son, Jesus Christ. We have accepted it, we believe it, we trust in it, and some of us do our best to live by it.


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